Excursion into a world of chocolate

Kim's Chocolates is certainly not what one would commonly call a classic family business. But the two most recent family days have shown that it is definitely a company that appeals to the whole family.

On two evenings in March, employees and their families were invited to a family day. On these days, a world of chocolate opened up to everyone - literally, because the employees were allowed to take their families on a tour through the production halls. While the older family members were particularly impressed by the modern working environment and the versatility of production, the younger ones were amazed by the huge quantities of chocolate in various colors and shapes.

Of course, no one left the chocolate factory without sweet presents, so that everyone could convince themselves of the quality of the various products.

Those who preferred heartier fare were treated to a variety of street food at the various food trucks. Thus the evenings of the altogether 600 visitors ended in cosy atmosphere.

The Family Days were such a great success for Kim's Chocolates that it is already clear that there will certainly be more of them.