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We are the Windel Group: 600 people in five companies working together to add more happiness, enjoyment and diversity to life. The history of the family-run group of companies dates back to the year 1900.

Since then, what started out as a regional confectionery business has grown into an internationally operating group pursuing its mission with its chocolate, coffee, and sweet gifts the world over. With innovative concepts and a focus on long-term cooperation, we are continuing to tread this path.

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At the Windel Group, we rise to current and future challenges together. Because we want to play an active part in shaping the future. That's why all of our companies are on the lookout for team players who are not averse to more happiness, enjoyment and diversity in their working lives.

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“It is the joy of innovation and progress, trust in our employees, and reliability in our actions that set us apart as a family business.”

Fred Windel, Managing Director