Farüchoc celebrates anniversary for the whole family

It was a summer festival, a family celebration, and - literally - a celebration of the century: The Farüchoc employees celebrated the 100th anniversary of their chocolate factory.

The center of the festivities was a huge marquee on the Farüchoc premises. Stylishly furnished and decorated with flowers and subtle lighting, it provided the right atmosphere for the day. The visitors met there to exchange ideas, to get to know the families of their colleagues, to laugh and, of course, to eat together - and really deliciously. The barbecue buffet with front cooking unit and salad and dessert bar was "top-notch," as one employee put it. 

Another factor in the good mood was the duo of DJ and pianist Josef Barnickel, who provided the summery light soundtrack to the celebration. Some of the Farüchoc employees provided exciting insights by showing the families of their colleagues around the production halls. They explained how the machines work, how chocolate is made and how it can be packaged - and of course the tour included a taste test.

At the end of the day, the organizing team could see how well the party had gone down not only from the many beaming faces, but also from the thanks and praise from all sides. One employee in particular spoke from the heart of his colleagues when he said with a wink: "We could do this more often."