Pupils explore chocolate and Advent calendar production at Farüchoc und Windel

For six children and young people, a sweet dream came true on Future Day: they were allowed to take a glimpse behind the scenes of chocolate and Advent calendar production at Farüchoc and Windel and even make chocolate themselves.

It all started with hygiene: only after the students had properly donned the hairnets and gowns they were not accustomed to did they set off into the world of chocolate. During a tour through the production facilities, they were shown how chocolate is made on an industrial scale. They then learned how it is done on a small scale in a very practical way: by making chocolate themselves, decorating it, coating nuts with chocolate and making up hollow figures.

Make-up is a term that the students had not previously associated with chocolate. But the Farüchoc experts explained to them that makeup is part of the training to become a confectionery technician and that it involves giving hollow figures - such as a milk chocolate Easter bunny - details such as eyes and whiskers using different colored chocolate.

Then it was the children's turn to apply makeup to individual snowman figures, adding eyes, noses and scarves with syringe bags. Some of them did such a masterly job that the Farüchoc colleagues would have liked to keep them on for the next year's apprentices. After the exciting day, however, the young group of visitors headed home - with a bag full of homemade chocolate in their pockets and the knowledge in the back of their minds that not only delicious products but also exciting careers await them in the chocolate industry.