A strong group
thrives on diversity

For more than 120 years, we have been bringing people happiness, enjoyment and diversity with our products. Over four generations, what began as a regional Osnabrück confectionery and spirits wholesaler has evolved into an internationally operating and broadly positioned group of companies.

Today, besides the parent company Windel GmbH und Co. KG, with its Windel and Confiserie Heidel brands, the family-run Windel Group includes the Farüchoc Chocolate Factory, Kim's Chocolates (Belgium), and the start-ups myChoco and Coffee-Bike.

Windel GmbH & Co. KG

Windel GmbH & Co. KG produces sweet gifts for the whole family that are not only convincing in terms of quality but also affordable for every budget - creating gifts that make eyes light up, whatever the occasion.

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Confiserie Heidel

Confiserie Heidel stands for indulgent gifts designed with attention to detail. Anyone wanting to treat a loved one with an individual idea will find the very thing with the quality and variety of the Heidel products.

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Coffee-Bike GmbH

Coffee-Bike is the first company in the Windel Group that is not in the confectionery industry. Founded in 2010 as an Osnabrück-based start-up, the company has developed an internationally successful franchise system that combines lifestyle and tradition in mobile cafés.

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myChoco GmbH

myChoco, a start-up founded in 2016, has established a young chocolate brand in the retail sector. Its slogan - "We love diversity" - applies not only to its products but also to its social commitment.

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Farüchoc Schokoladenfabrik GmbH & Co. KG

Farüchoc is a chocolate factory specializing in the manufacturing of chocolate and the production and packaging of solid and filled chocolate items. Its customers include well-known companies from Germany and around the world.

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Kim’s Chocolates

Kim's Chocolates is one of Belgium's largest chocolate manufacturers, producing top-quality pralines, bars, and tablets.

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