From a regional wholesaler
to aglobal player

The beginnings of the Windel Group date back to 1900. It is in that year that Ludwig Windel establishes a confectionery wholesale business in Osnabrück. Over several decades, this grows to become an internationally operating group of companies that never loses its family character despite all the growth and change.

The Windel Group story now spans four generations and is one that tells of innovation and creativity - and at the same time is full of chocolate, coffee, and sweet gifts.


How we became what we are now

Windel Group 1900


Ludwig Windel founds a confectionery wholesale business in Osnabrück, which his son Alfred later takes over. Until the 1960s, the product range includes not only confectionery but also spirits, fish, and delicatessen items, as well as pudding mix.

Windel Group 1966


The family business expands significantly under the third generation. Alfred and Mechthild Windel establish the combined articles (comprising food and non-food components). Customers are mainly large department stores - the foundation stone is set for a dynamic development from a trading company to an industrial company.

Windel Group 1982


The first products of the newly founded Confiserie Heidel are launched on the market. Initially, these are figural articles, where the focus is on the original idea.

Windel Group 1986


Chocolate-filled Advent calendars enhance the assortment. Today, they are a bestseller running into the millions.


Farüchoc Chocolate Factory from Karlsruhe becomes part of the group of companies, which is now managed by Fred Windel in the fourth generation; in 1999, Farüchoc relocates to Osnabrück.

Windel Group 2003


Kim's Chocolates, one of Belgium's largest chocolate manufacturers, joins the group.

Windel Group 2014


The Osnabrück-based start-up Coffee-Bike is the first company outside the confectionery industry to join the Windel Group.

Windel Group 2016


The start-up myChoco establishes a new strong brand on the chocolate market.

Windel Group 2018


The Windel Group receives the Osnabrück Business Award. In its verdict, the jury particularly highlights the Group’s innovative performance and its commitment to the region.

Windel Group 2022


The new administration building with the frieda company restaurant and the Windel MOVE fitness studio on the set-back level is completed.

Windel - A success story spanning generations

The company is founded in 1900 as a confectionery wholesaler and remains a regional confectionery and spirits wholesale business until the 1960s. As well as confectionery, the company trades in fish and delicatessen products, and the manufacturing of pudding mix is another of Windel’s business segments in the first two generations of owners. The foundation stone for the dynamic development is laid by the third generation: In 1966, Alfred and Mechthild Windel begin efficiently and inexpensively making traditional switches for the Feast of St. Nicholas, having previously seen them occasionally in candy stores. Their first customers are the large department stores. The idea of combined articles (comprising food and non-food components) is born, and Windel becomes more and more an industrial company. In the fourth generation of owners, Fred Windel resolutely and purposefully pursues the initiated expansion, founding the Windel Group, which now comprises five companies.

The Windel generations